Our history

2023 Modernization and relocation to new premises in Sindelfingen

With the relocation to the new company headquarters in Sindelfingen in spring 2023, the production machinery of the newly founded beck-walcher GmbH was renewed and also optimized in terms of processes on a total of 1700 square meters based on lean management methods. The recent shortage of production space at the previous headquarters of Beck GmbH Druckmesselemente had made modernization measures difficult. The introduction of the group-wide ERP system and use of the modern IT infrastructure of the Halstrup-Walcher Group formed the basis for the further digitalization of business processes. As part of the Halstrup-Walcher Group, the company thus has access to central services, which facilitates lean processes.

2022 Into the future with beck-walcher GmbH

On 1 November 2022, the newly founded beck-walcher GmbH acquired the business of Beck GmbH Druckmesselemente as part of an asset deal. As part of the family-run Halstrup-Walcher-Group, which has also been successfully developing and selling measuring technology solutions worldwide for over 75 years, beck-walcher GmbH will be able to combine origin and future. The strategic group of companies brings together tradition and innovation, and lays the foundation for its successful further development through the exchange of technological and process knowledge. The management is taken over by Jürgen Walcher as representative of the owners.

1982 Renaming to Beck GmbH Druckmesselemente

After sales exceeded the million mark for the first time in 1966, the building was gradually expanded and renovated in the seventies to create production and storage capacity. The changes demanded by the continuing growth were finally reflected in the company’s name: In 1982, the company was renamed Beck GmbH Druckmesselemente.

1922 Foundation of Wilhelm Beck, special factory for barometer chains

In 1922, at the age of 25, Wilhelm Beck founded a company for the production of barometer chains. He thus followed in the footsteps of his father Eugen, who had already run a barometer and compass business before the turn of the century. For the first three years, the young company manufactured “crude” barometer chains by hand. In 1925, Beck also began producing and selling “fine” chains. When he registered his company in 1926 under the name “Firma Wilhelm Beck, Spezialfabrik für Barometerketten” in the commercial register, he was already able to employ 4 people. With seven employees, Beck moved into a two-story workshop at Leinenweberstraße 48 in Stuttgart in 1927, which also remained the company headquarters until 2022.

Our values

As part of the halstrup-walcher group, our products stand for precision, innovation, team spirit and adherence to deadlines. Together with our employees, we have formulated our mission statement:

Open communication

We live our core values and maintain open communication.

  • We stand for freedom of expression, non-violence and coexistence without discrimination.
  • We act in a disciplined, reliable and responsible manner.
  • We communicate respectfully, transparently and honestly.
  • We address mistakes and concerns openly and directly.


We work as a team. The contribution of each individual is important.

  • We treat each other with recognition and appreciation.
  • We promote and demand individual knowledge, skills and abilities.
  • We regard private and professional self-realization as success factors.
  • We support each other. The joy of work is important to us.

Economic efficiency

We secure our present and future, through economic action and qualified employees.  

  • We act economically and result-oriented to achieve our goals.
  • We are a family business. It is a matter of course for us to use earnings for investments and to secure our location in Kirchzarten.
  • We offer flexible working time models to meet the needs of customers and employees.
  • We consider further education, training and continuous improvement as important corporate and personal goals.


We take responsibility for ourselves, the company and the environment.

  • We actively promote the health and well-being of our employees; in line with requirements and beyond the legal framework.
  • We protect the environment through effective and efficient use of resources.
  • We support selected social projects in the region.
  • We can rely on each other because we agree on and comply with rules and processes.

Our quality standard

Quality comes first for us and our customers. We are certified according to ISO 9001:2015. Our products are all compliant with RoHS directive.