Diaphragms convert pressure in the medium into a path. We manufacture metal diaphragms from the following materials

  • 1.4435
  • 1.4571
  • C 75
  • Duratherm 600
  • Nickel-beryllium
  • Copper beryllium
  • Hastelloy C276
  • in diameters from 10 to 137 mm.

Applications are mostly pressure gauges, pressure transmitters and blood pressure measuring devices. These applications require a very good linearity.
We guarantee linearity errors smaller than 1% f.s., on request also below.
In many applications linearity is not required, but the stroke is optimized. For example for applications in pressure regulators, pressure peak dampers or pressure displays. Please contact us with your requirements.
Hysteresis is practically not measurable with many materials.
For many customers, the diaphragms are connected with connectors, nipples or base plates.